Know Your Options And Choose The Best Hair Extensions

Once you decide that hair extensions are something you are interested in, it is going to be a good idea to learn all that you can about the options that are available. What you should know is that the various extension types are going to come along with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Not only that, but there can also be quite a difference in pricing on the various styles. This information will be very helpful for you as you move forward so that you can choose the perfect type of hair extensions to not only fit in with your budget but also your own natural hair.

Choosing The Right Style

The type of hair used could quite possibly be the most important factor when you are looking for hair extensions. Once you choose between synthetic or natural, you can then move forward and break down a few more of the options that you are looking for. Matching your hair color or even adding in highlights of a different color to your natural hair can be achieved with careful consideration. Poor coloring can end up ruining the look completely, so this is always an area that you need to be careful about.

Know Your Synthetic Hair Extensions

It goes without saying that synthetic hair extensions are usually going to be a whole lot less expensive than hair extensions made with natural hair. However, many synthetic options will not last quite as long and they can sometimes be of inferior quality. Not only will they be shinier than natural hair, but they are more difficult to style. Applying heat to synthetic extensions will usually cause them to melt. Even some of the options that are said to be heat-resistant can still be subject to a whole lot of damage from heat.

Know Your Natural Hair Extensions

Human hair will often be a lot more expensive when you are looking for extensions. With that being said, there can be a tremendous difference depending on the kind of human hair extensions that you are interested in. Not only is human hair going to be a whole lot easier to style, but it will not melt whenever you have to expose it to heat when using curling irons or hair straighteners. Human hair extensions will also be a whole lot easier to comb through thoroughly than synthetic versions.

A popular type of natural hair extensions is Remy, which are taken from human hair that is made up of multiple donors. The color of the hair will be carefully matched to help achieve an all natural look, either with or without highlights. Hair is gathered carefully for the extensions and then each of the strands is positioned so that they face the same way, which makes them a whole lot easier to keep from getting tangled. There are also non-Remy hair extensions that are taken from hair that has fallen out or been shed.

Virgin hair extensions are generally taken from a single human donor, with all of the hair being removed at once using the least amount of cuts possible. This hair that makes up virgin extensions will be sold in a natural state where the hair is never processed, dyed or altered in any way. This is considered to be the highest quality extension that you can buy, making it very expensive compared to other extension types.

What About Hair Origin?

The human hair that you can purchase for extensions will have a good deal of impact on the quality overall. The hair that comes from different parts of the globe can come along with a variety of qualities. Some of the different regions where natural human hair extensions are known to come from include Europe, India, and Asia.

European hair is generally of high quality and texture, meaning that it will blend in very well with a wide variety of hair types. However, the cost is usually a bit higher as the construction of the hair is a bit more fragile than others.

Indian hair will generally be quite fine, meaning that it can blend in well with other hair types. However, the drawback comes in the lack of color selection as the colors available are only deep brown or black. The vast majority of Indian hair comes untreated, meaning that it is usually sold as virgin hair extensions.

Asian hair usually comes from China and it is usually a very affordable type of human extension. This hair is thicker, which can make it difficult to blend at times. Depending on how the Asian hair extensions were treated prior to shipping, they can end up drying out quickly and becoming dull if the cuticle layer had been removed.

Overall, you are going to find that taking the time to pick out the right hair extensions to suit your needs as well as your budget will help you to end up with the best result in the end.